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As Technology is Growing, things have been made easy, and the same applies to Website designing and Development

We have a Team Skilled in Computer Science & Information technology who can deliver to you your Website project in 2-3 days, Well tested, meets your objectives, passed through all stages of development & free of errors

1. Get Your School a Website & Learning Management system (LMS)
2. Get Your Shop an E-Commerce Website integrated with all payment methods and sale online effectively & Efficiently & an Inventory Management System
3. Get Your NGO, either operating as a CBO it doesn't matter come for a Fundraising Website.
4. You want a Social Website similar to Facebook, You are in the Right Place
5. You have a tours & Travel Company, hurry and grab yourself a website at an affordable price

Website Design_Benny Web Tech LTD

Depending on which type of website you need, Benny Web Tech Ltd, ensures that your website meets your Company Needs, Delivered On Time, Is Very Fast, Secure & At An affordable Price, With High Technical Support from Our Customer Care Staffs and 6 month Free Maintenance.

Yes, depending on the type of website You Need, the company provides you with a 20% discount towards designing and development of your website.

The website takes a Maximum of 7 days to be well completed, tested and free of errors then delivered to the owner.

After completion of designing and development phases, your website domain name is registered and your website files are uploaded to the live server basically known as hosting. This implies that your website will become accessible world wide. And a URL will be provided to you indicating your website ie

After 6 months of free updates, you as our client can sign a contract called "The website maintenance contract" which is available at your source, this will enable and approval the company to carry on with updates every month at a given fee per month or per Year.

This is very much possible, the customer receives a training on how to self customize and carry out updates on his or her website at a given fee, and also receives a certificate of completion towards success in CMS training.

Domain registration and hosting is important towards keeping your website on the live servers to keep it accessible every year by the visitors, donors etc. Therefore a fee must be paid every year as rent for your website.

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